Thursday, May 31, 2012

My Sexy Solution Starts Now

I received this contest notification weeks ago and I know today is the last day to join. I was contemplating what to write when at this moment I am not in any diet program. Why would I join?

Well, let me tell you my story.

Three years ago I used to weight 50 kgs. I am into dancing and I am very stingy to buy food. I even have all summer to eat just oatmeal. I was still a student. A year before graduation I was invited to theater and I let the dancing go. I received comments that I am gaining weight.

Things got worse when I started working. I just sit the whole day and stare at my computer. I read an article that sitting more eight hours a day can lead to death. Surprised smile I go out from time to time to attend meetings and eat.

Who would resist good food for free? No one.

I started gaining weight.

I enrolled to the gym and involved myself into a low carb diet. I said to myself that I won’t eat what I won’t consume.

Three months and I am looking good. Circuit training every night sounds very inviting. I tried fitness drinks too.

Here comes my nightmare.

My asthma came back. All the while I thought it was gone.

I believe it was my fault because I had no sleep for 24 hours and insisted to go to the gym, to sweat more. I even took a cold bath afterwards.

I was rushed to the hospital two days after.

The sad part was they can’t control my broncho spasms and they had to inject steroids.

Look at me in the hospital.

I am pretty sad that I encountered more asthma moments through out the year and the doctors prescription always includes steroids. I look heavier now which made me very sad. Sad smile Friends and relatives keep on criticizing me and all I have to do is to explain what happened to me.

Why am I so mad with steroids?

It doesn’t cause weight gain, as stated from most articles I read in the internet. BUT it can increase appetite.

I am not sure or maybe in denial that I am eating too much now but I am always hungry. My vision is blurred every minute that I am hungry, I am having cold sweats, and I cannot think properly.

Now my face got bigger and I am now happy about it. I am currently 142 lbs. it is around 64.4 kgs. and I am only 155 cm. my BMI is around 28 already and it’s not healthy.

I was even evaluated to be Pre-hypertensive during my annual physical exam.

I do not want to be constantly ill.

That is why when I read this contest via Nuffnang, I said I will give it a try.

I tried dynamic yoga at home, the 14-day cereal diet, L-Carnitine and green tea capsules but none of them work. I even enrolled to the gym again but it just gave me shortness of breath.

What I want now is to at least scrape all the excess fats, waters, skin in my body. I believe Sexy Solutions will help me in this journey, their in house consultants can advice proper exercise that is suitable for asthma patients like me and they can suggest food that will energize me the whole day. 

One needs to be motivated in order to be back in shape others need money for instant noticeable results but for a typical working girl like me; I guess I might stick to motivation and determination in able for me to get through this.

I am hoping that Sexy Solutions will help me.

Pray for me bellas,




Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Instagram on Blogger

The idea just hit me cause I don’t update this blog very often by I do tweet a lot and post photo on Instragram a lot. Winking smile I am wondering if I could embed my Instagram so readers will know that I am active everyday.

I searched Google and found this blog saitloud she/he suggested this widget badgeplz.

All you have to do is to generate the code, add gadget, and paste the code. 

print screen

I will be installing this also on my wordpress. Winking smile





Life Update: I have a new PC

Hey everyone,

I just moved to a new desktop. The office management, base on my request, I needed a faster PC. Since I am doing layouts on In design CS5 and do some edits in Photoshop, I really need an upgrade. I am now using ACER Aspire i3, 1TB HDD, 4GB RAM, 1GB Vicar; I am satisfied with the performance , so far.

I am also using Windows 7 Home Basic now, I’ve been using XP like forever and since this Windows Live Writer helps me manage all my blogs, I am still familiarizing myself with its new interface. Open-mouthed smile It comes with new emoticons!!!

But unfortunately…..

I accidentally erased all my photos… I forgot that the folder on my previous PC was in private. I thought all my files were copied that is why I emptied the documents and I can surrender it to the next user…. Crying face I tried to restore them yesterday but not all photos id ion good condition…. Sad smile 

Lesson learned: Have the photos saved in a disc, external drive, or have it printed. I can’t believe I have 7,000 + photos…

So much for day job related errands and my other site is still not rooted. Can someone help me do it? Please.

I will be writing post on my latest food dates and I hope you’ll like it.



Friday, May 25, 2012

Goodbye Lola, rest in peace


My Lola passed away yesterday.

She was sick over a year already, been in and out of the hospital several times due to her tuberculosis. All along I thought she was doing fine, she was in the hospital five days ago. Findings changed, she wasn’t eating at all, they have to put tubes inside her mouth to feed her. I never got the chance to visit her even before she died.

She died because of a heart attack and dehydration.

I wasn’t sad, maybe because she was not a stage grandmother to me, being the second set of grandchildren from her daughter.

My prayer last Thursday was to stop her pain, if she will live let her live and if she’s not going to make it anymore get her. I prayed for it for the good of everyone, my mom, being the only child, cannot afford to pay the bills anymore. And my dad been contributing to the bills as well. I only gave a couple of bucks for her meds and other expenses.

She was asking to go home as the ship will leave any minute. Finally she can rest and hopefully she’ll be with her husband, my grandfather, who died 22 years ago.

When I came to the chapel last night, I am somehow happy. She gathered the whole family, since my half siblings had their own family eight years ago, we never complete in any family occasions. Sad to say we were brought up to be timid with each other. Last night was reunion.


I was looking for a decent photo in my album and only found two. The photo above was in San Marcelino. I don’t know how old am I in that photo.


and this photo was taken during my birthday. Thank goodness I have captured a memory with her. We used to be close, I’m the one who pulls her graying hair and color it to brown. I do her pedicure and scrubs. I am the one who listens in all her stories. I am wondering why the relationship changed. She got mad when she saw with my boyfriend when I was in college.

She compliments me a lot. She is happy because I have the knowledge to manage the house and the fact that I graduated college and now with a decent job.

Her last request to me was for me to buy my nebulizer that she can borrow. I bought that nebulizer last week but she’ll not be able to borrow it anymore.

I hope she’s in a better place now and watching over us. I hope she’ll guide my mom and the rest of the family.


This the first death in the family I have experienced. I do not know how will I bear more in the future, I shouldn’t be afraid, I know. But I can’t imagine, maybe my sister Dyne can manage it she’s just so strong to see struggles not like me only good outside but my heart is breaking inside.

I am imagining them leaving me one by one. Very weird imagination. I know in my heart who are those person that will tear in pieces.


God has plans. God has reasons.


My Lola will be cremated tomorrow at 3:00 PM. I still do not know the details as I am still in the office. I will be in charge tonight.


I would like to take this opportunity to thank people who extend their sincere condolences. I really appreciate it.


Lastly, I want to share this photo and I am hoping we can have a new one.





Lucresia E. Villanueva

November 7, 1942 – May 24, 2012

“I love you Lola, you will always be in my heart…”

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Sam the explorer

I took a leave from work yesterday to finish personal errands. So my day went like this….

  • Went to Globe Driving school and enrolled for 25 hours driving lesson (21 hours driving + 4 hours lecture on trouble shooting)
  • Then I headed to Land Transportation Office (LTO) to get my Student’s Permit. Globe did assist me so after they took my photo and signature I flew away. There were a lot of people outside ambushing you and saying they will process your license. So rule here Only talk to the Guards.
  • Then I went to Social Security System (SSS) to check if my ID is available to claim. I had applied for this ID November 23, 2009 and what’s the date today? it’s May 24, 2012. Can you believe how long it took for them to print an ID with micro chip? Oh well…
    IMAG0775 it’s my favorite ID because all government ID have whether the photo was from me or taken via webcam, I look stupid. I understand that IDs are not social sites DP so I will let it pass. LOL I wonder why government employees’ age range are 40 up and why there was no queue board to flash what number is being served :(
  • Then I went to PNB for the SSS Loan.
  • Then went straight to COMELEC in City Hall to check if my voter’s ID is ready. I want to have all my government issued IDs. Unfortunately they told me it’s ready but not available for release. I need to come back last week of June or first week of July.

It was 2PM when I finished everything in my list and I am so hungry. My appointment with my OB is 4PM I still have more time to stroll.

  • I crossed the elliptical road and went to Quezon City Memorial Circle Herbal Garden. I visited the All Organics StoreIMAG0774ever since I watched the Bee Propolis Cream in Kapuso mo, Jessica Soho; I’ve been wanting to visit the store. I am so happy that finally I had time. I bought the cream, evening primrose oil, strawberry bearberry scrub, chocomint soap, and oatmeal & glutathione soap. I will try them and see the results before I post it in dishysammy. Batting Eyelashes
  • I went to Trinoma to have lunch. I ate at Tempura Japanese Grill alone. I had Katsudon Bento and California Maki. You know how much I love Japanese I do not mind eating alone. Food post here.
  • After eating…. SHOPPING… I bought maxi dresses and cover ups for my upcoming Boracay vacation in June… I bought new office doll shoes as the building guard forbids me to enter the office.
  • I proceed to The Medical City and wait for my OB and hopefully when I come back two weeks from now she’ll tell me the condition of my system.

I met bf and he bought me a Bora bag, Since I am on a diet we did not ate and went straight home. I cannot imagined that I accomplished everything in one day. My driving class will start on Saturday. I am really excited.

Thank you for reading lovelies for reading,

Sammy Peace Sign


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Monday, May 21, 2012

Make up Post for Pam :)

Hey everyone,

I know I already dedicated a site for all my makeup posts but sad to say I still haven’t up the site. Crying (this post will also be published in my BlogSpot and dishysammy)

Oh well my best friend ask me to brainstorm possible makeup look she can wear to a wedding she’ll attend in June. I am killing time yesterday and here’s what I came up with.

IMG_2057a Apologies. I am still on my sleepwear and bed hair. Wink

Here’s the step by step.

  1. Start with a clean face.
  2. Apply Moisturizer.
  3. Apply Makeup Base. I used Avon Solutions Refined White Makeup Base in Green. I like putting makeup base so that my foundation will last the whole day.
  4. Apply Foundation. I used Lola Masquerade Foundation Act II. I used a stippling brush to apply it.
  5. Apply concealer under your eyes, sides of your nose and mouth. I used Revlon Age Defying Spa Concealer in Light Medium.
  6. Apply eyelid primer. I used Elf Eye shadow Primer.
  7. Set everything with powder. I used Revlon Photoready Powder in Natural. You can use any loose powder you have.
  8. Let’s go the the eyes.


Apologies for the ugly eyebrows. Embarrassed I used a stencil and turned out to be a disaster. haha

I used the following on my eyes.

  • Revlon Custom Eyes 030
  • Dollface 48 Shimmer Palette
  • Dollface 72 Vanity Palette
  • Revlon Brow Fantasy
  • Revlon Growluscious Mascara
  • Revlon Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner
  • Avon Retractable Eyeliner
  • Demi Lashes from Saizen
  1. I applied a matte baby pink from my Dollface 72 Vanity Palette first as base followed by the pink shimmer shade in my Revlon Custom Eyes 030 on my entire lid.
  2. I applied the purple from Revlon Custom Eyes 030 on my outer V bringing the color to my crease.
  3. Blend. Blend. Blend.
  4. I applied the same purple shadow on my lower lash line, only halfway.
  5. I used a matte white shadow to highlight my brow bone while cleaning harsh line from the purple.
  6. I applied a shimmer pink from my Dollface 48 Shimmer Palette to center of my lid, inner corners of my eyes, and to the other half of my lower lash line.
  7. I lined my upper lash line using a liquid eyeliner and lower water line with a brown eyeliner.
  8. I curled my lashes and put my demi lashes.
  9. I defined my brow.

Going back to the face.

  1. Contour  – cheekbone, jaw line, temples, and nose using a matte bronzer. I used Bodyshop Matte Bronzer. Doing a fish face is best to contour your face correctly.
  2. Apply blush on the apples of your cheek. SMILE. I used Nichido Powder Blush in Tomato.
  3. Highlight. I used Elf Bronzer – Innocence.
  4. Apply Lipstick. I used SanSan Shimmer Lipstick 01 for the carnation pink color.

I changed my lip color into fuchsia for variation. I used Revlon Lip Butter in Lollipop.

IMAG0762What do guys think? Show me some love below.

Here are more photos. Smile Taken with my s90 and chacha

Until my next dolled up session,


Saturday, May 19, 2012

My new nebulizer

He everyone,

How's everyone doing?

I am ill. 
The doctor was out when I came at the Medical City Trinoma so for quick remedy for my asthma I bought my own nebulizer. I was using my niece's compressor but last week her mom took it.

It started when I ate the toblerone overload by Cakes2go then the Chillz from Ministop. Here I am suffering from cough and mild attacks at night. I also have problems with my room because it has no ventilation and the dusts, add the extreme climate change in the Metro and I am so dead.

I am also sad because I still wasn't able to up dishysammy, I need to mail my report and my work station will be replaced by a new unit (files and apps will be reinstalled). 

I am still positive so I am hoping to get well and to keep on blogging.


I am thinking of a look for my best friend she'll be attending a wedding in June. Any ideas not to overpower the bride?



Thursday, May 17, 2012

Middle of the week update – samlanuza is now PR 2/10

Hi everyone,

I haven’t updated my personal blog lately. I am looking for an android app for blogger and sad to say the app is not available in the Philippines. I downloaded Blogger droid but I was scared when the ‘about’ said that some part of the site might not be encrypted. I was also too lazy to start up our laptop when I get home every night.

This what made my week.

Very rewarding feedback after I got back in blogging a month ago. I have been posting my food trip every now and then. A friend of his told me to blog about Philippine street food, maybe I could to that once I manage to take more photos again.

I would like to thank my readers who finds time to read my posts. I hope you will also ready dishysammy once it’s available in the net. \

I hope could reach 10/10 Smile

I will try to update you guys regularly, I’ve been strolling the mall this past few days as I search clothes for my Boracay trip on June.

Regards everyone!



Sunday, May 13, 2012

Sunday – Monday

Hi Everyone,

I spent my Sunday with my best friend, Channa. We were busy talking to each other and we fail to take pictures together.

We end up buying new clothes from Get Laud! which I will post in dishysammy soon.

I said I will print my event report now and encode February posts.

So ciao bellas!



Saturday, May 12, 2012

Happy Mother's Day

Hi Everyone,

What you did for your mom today?

Me? I gave her money to buy what she wants. I am not super close with my mom that's why.

Happy Mother"s to all the mothers out there.

As for my update.

I had my hand and feet pampered yesterday at Unan Spa. It's my new sanctuary it's five minutes away from our house and it's open until 11 PM.

I am planing to get a massage later.

I submitted my technical exam already and I am very hopeful that I will pass it. If not maybe it's not for me, but I am not comfortable with that thinking. If I want it I should get it, right? :)

I wrote all the January posts for dishy and I just finished the 31st so I am updating you guys. I will do the February tomorrow in the office while printing my event report cause this lappy is turned on for 72 hours already.

It is now raining and I hope all of you are safe.



Thursday, May 10, 2012

Another Friday

Hi Everyone,

It seems like I have been out of the cyberspace this week. I know I have pledged that I will blog more often but since I have to signal at home and I cannot use our laptop (my siblings claim they own it) I am thinking of buying my own (some time in June).

I am proud to say that I have no tardiness this week. LOL But I used my VL and SL for a circumstance that I am still not sure if I going to pursue. (I keep on passing the exams they are giving me, a sign perhaps?)

I still cannot say it here but a month from now I will spill the beans.

Just a thought about it makes me cry now. I am asking myself why? what? Is it time already? God Knows.

People older than me that I consider sister in my corporate life is telling me to hang on, sort things out, list down the things I want. 

When you become so attached to something you can't let it go that easy. I am becoming very sentimental as they have become my family.

Enough drama. Let's move on to my site. 

I am doing my best to up dishysammy as soon as possible but I still have to encode all the post (Of course the photo shoot). Once I have it available online, I will take it from there (ads, events, network). 

This is one of the things I wanna do and I am sure of doing for the rest of my life. 

Now I wanna slow it down, submit everything to God. I know he is guiding me to the right path I should follow. 

Thank you for reading.



Monday, May 07, 2012

Follow me on Bloglovin ♥

Hi Everyone,

Follow my blog with Bloglovin



Steal Tuesday

Hi Everyone,

I am thinking of a category each day so that I will have the motivation to write about something. But since it's a personal journal now....

Did you know, monkeys have 12 hairs at any one time

I didn't know about that either. LOL

I spent my Monday evening strolling Robinson's Galleria alone. While on my ride home I am thinking, am I ready? Will I give up my station where I can do all my masterpieces or display all cute stuff I have?

But I know I will never be in here for a long time. 

I still do not want to spill the beans now and I am kinda disappointed that I appeared unprepared with the things I told the person I was talking to last night. 

But hey,

If a 24 gallons gasoline can run up to 144 miles, 14 gallons will run how many miles?

Hubby told me that it's 84 miles and I answered 134 miles. haha not knowing the proportion of the gasoline and the car. 

I am not really good in hard core Mathematics but I am proud to say that I can do Statistics. haha

I am a communication student after all. 

I have 50/50 hopes of the step I took yesterday but as we all know if it is for you, it is for you.



Sunday, May 06, 2012


Hello ladies!!!

What a Monday post title huh?

My weekend?

I spent my Saturday falling in love with Robert Downey as I watch Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows. I am so pleased to know that he skipped a birthday party (drinking session) just to be with me that night.

And for my Sunday, we went to the church and ate dinner at Buddy's so stay tuned for my blog about that. Sounds exciting.

I finished my report already so I might print it tomorrow because I have an appointment later that I hope I can get through. 

Wish me luck! 

I will update you as soon as possible.



Friday, May 04, 2012


Hi Everyone,

How's the rain getting your way so far? I am feeling cold. I have a QTT (quality time together) session later I hope no hassle will arise later.

Have you seen the new look and name of this blog? It will be my daily adventures now. haha


I supervised the layout of our newsletter. I am happy that because of technology I have at least mastered the basic of In Design CS5. For me the UI is easier compared to publisher and other desktop publishing I have tried. The final output is always "the-way-i-like-it". (been doing layouts like forever)

Aside from the newsletter, my post event report, it's ready for printing. Do you think I should start making turn over documents? LOL

I am quite sleepy now because of the rain so why don't you guys read about my dinner last night? Click here.

And let me know what you think okay?



Thursday, May 03, 2012

Not so typical Thursday

April 23 - I created this blog while building my self hosted style blog. I said that this blog would be more on relationships but I don't have any entry in my mind worth publishing. So I said to myself.... Why not make this my new personal blog? I have bought my domain in WordPress and I am too embarrass to post my rants every now and then. I feel that having less followers here I can still find my comfort in writing. 

Yeah that's me. I find comfort in blogging maybe because I do not have bunch of friends that will listen to me about my weird thoughts. And I do not want my boyfriend to freak out about this.

What brings me to this post anyway?

Well.... I got a feedback that I have used the word 'forever' wrong. 

"Received a message that will change my life forever. Thank you Lord. I know it's time"

That is my last night's statement. I knew that I got the perception of having a baby or settling down. I do not mean any of those. 

I was thinking that if you will stir your wheel a little your whole life will change. right? Every small manipulations in your actions can alter once future. It's like eating 1000 calories today with no work out will give you excess pounds tomorrow. Basically your appearance had changed as well as your vision of yourself. So you will think of something to change what you have now.

I am  not sure if I should divulge now but I am talking about greener pastures. I realize that when I received comments of being ugly during the last event I organized. Whoa! I feel that I do not want to face them again next year and receive worst comments if I won't act now.

But is this really the world? They look at you as if their eyes is a weighing scale and say you weigh too much. 

I am not alone on this.


I don't even know now that this is the thing that is bothering me. I just want new tasks, environment, and real world. The place I am now had been my second home or school where I have done my things my own way. I want to be controlled and be molded at the same time.

I am not getting any younger (although I still young). I have a future in mind that I want to start building today. 

I want a new life when we move to Laguna (the date is getting nearer). Circumstances and scenarios keep playing in my head and I know I have to stop them and do something.

Oh well enough negativity.

The good news is I have my CMS working in Plesk 10 after talking to the technical support representative. I just need to do a little revisions.

I hoping that I will have everyone's support on this. 

Wish me luck!

And I hope tomorrow's going to be a good day.



Any insights? Let me know by your sincere comments below.