Thursday, May 03, 2012

Not so typical Thursday

April 23 - I created this blog while building my self hosted style blog. I said that this blog would be more on relationships but I don't have any entry in my mind worth publishing. So I said to myself.... Why not make this my new personal blog? I have bought my domain in WordPress and I am too embarrass to post my rants every now and then. I feel that having less followers here I can still find my comfort in writing. 

Yeah that's me. I find comfort in blogging maybe because I do not have bunch of friends that will listen to me about my weird thoughts. And I do not want my boyfriend to freak out about this.

What brings me to this post anyway?

Well.... I got a feedback that I have used the word 'forever' wrong. 

"Received a message that will change my life forever. Thank you Lord. I know it's time"

That is my last night's statement. I knew that I got the perception of having a baby or settling down. I do not mean any of those. 

I was thinking that if you will stir your wheel a little your whole life will change. right? Every small manipulations in your actions can alter once future. It's like eating 1000 calories today with no work out will give you excess pounds tomorrow. Basically your appearance had changed as well as your vision of yourself. So you will think of something to change what you have now.

I am  not sure if I should divulge now but I am talking about greener pastures. I realize that when I received comments of being ugly during the last event I organized. Whoa! I feel that I do not want to face them again next year and receive worst comments if I won't act now.

But is this really the world? They look at you as if their eyes is a weighing scale and say you weigh too much. 

I am not alone on this.


I don't even know now that this is the thing that is bothering me. I just want new tasks, environment, and real world. The place I am now had been my second home or school where I have done my things my own way. I want to be controlled and be molded at the same time.

I am not getting any younger (although I still young). I have a future in mind that I want to start building today. 

I want a new life when we move to Laguna (the date is getting nearer). Circumstances and scenarios keep playing in my head and I know I have to stop them and do something.

Oh well enough negativity.

The good news is I have my CMS working in Plesk 10 after talking to the technical support representative. I just need to do a little revisions.

I hoping that I will have everyone's support on this. 

Wish me luck!

And I hope tomorrow's going to be a good day.



Any insights? Let me know by your sincere comments below.

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