I am Sam (Sarah Alyssa Marie), 22 years old. I am currently working as an event assistant for a cable association. I am blogging since I stopped writing in my diary. I have signed up to various accounts and each of them became the continuation of my life. Now I found everything funny whenever I read them. I cannot access them anymore now, too bad for me. 

A friend recently encourage me to go serious on this stuff so here I am being enthusiastic about everything. 

I am now maintaining one in WordPress you will see all my food and travel post there. I am going to export them one of these days. I am still thinking of a domain name and I am still mastering my parallel plesk skill. (I hope websites will be easy to construct like other blogging site)

I am currently constructing the first niche I segregated. It's called so I will let you know once the site is up. I am quite fond of make-up and fashion so I think this is the best niche to start. 

For more information please feel free to send me an email: SL@LIVE.COM.PH or follow my social networking sites.



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