Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Updates of my life

My last post was two months ago. I was busy building audience for my beauty site while maintaining my general blog.

I changed Spry Ardent Mulish to Ramble & Relish then dishysammy went live.

Have you notice that I changed the layout of this blog too?

Well I am looking for a place to vent. My SNS turned to be an open book now and I am not regretting the result.

I still want to fulfill my dream of earning money through my blog.

Many people were asking me if I am a makeup artist in the making but I answered them no. I really want to write. I am aiming to be every girls’ first aid when they need something in life.

My makeup posts portrays that if we cannot hire a makeup artist to make us beautiful we can do it ourselves.

My reviews on products give other consumers idea whether to buy or not.

This is my space in the world wide web where I do not think the order of my words. Things just pop in and out my head. I just want to let it out.

Especially about this one.


My tweets mentioned that I am feeling out of place now. TRUE!! Because now that I have two pregnant colleagues it seems that I am left behind because I cannot relate to their soon-to-be-mommy chit chats.

Plus the issue of RH bill.

Plus marriage talks in between.

I do not want to be married and be pregnant now because I feel that I am in the right time where I can dictate where my career is leading.

I want so many things.

I will elaborate in my next post my point regarding the issues I mentioned above.

For now I am just keeping my sanity.

I hope you are enjoying my other blogs.

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