Thursday, May 17, 2012

Middle of the week update – samlanuza is now PR 2/10

Hi everyone,

I haven’t updated my personal blog lately. I am looking for an android app for blogger and sad to say the app is not available in the Philippines. I downloaded Blogger droid but I was scared when the ‘about’ said that some part of the site might not be encrypted. I was also too lazy to start up our laptop when I get home every night.

This what made my week.

Very rewarding feedback after I got back in blogging a month ago. I have been posting my food trip every now and then. A friend of his told me to blog about Philippine street food, maybe I could to that once I manage to take more photos again.

I would like to thank my readers who finds time to read my posts. I hope you will also ready dishysammy once it’s available in the net. \

I hope could reach 10/10 Smile

I will try to update you guys regularly, I’ve been strolling the mall this past few days as I search clothes for my Boracay trip on June.

Regards everyone!



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