Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Sam the explorer

I took a leave from work yesterday to finish personal errands. So my day went like this….

  • Went to Globe Driving school and enrolled for 25 hours driving lesson (21 hours driving + 4 hours lecture on trouble shooting)
  • Then I headed to Land Transportation Office (LTO) to get my Student’s Permit. Globe did assist me so after they took my photo and signature I flew away. There were a lot of people outside ambushing you and saying they will process your license. So rule here Only talk to the Guards.
  • Then I went to Social Security System (SSS) to check if my ID is available to claim. I had applied for this ID November 23, 2009 and what’s the date today? it’s May 24, 2012. Can you believe how long it took for them to print an ID with micro chip? Oh well…
    IMAG0775 it’s my favorite ID because all government ID have whether the photo was from me or taken via webcam, I look stupid. I understand that IDs are not social sites DP so I will let it pass. LOL I wonder why government employees’ age range are 40 up and why there was no queue board to flash what number is being served :(
  • Then I went to PNB for the SSS Loan.
  • Then went straight to COMELEC in City Hall to check if my voter’s ID is ready. I want to have all my government issued IDs. Unfortunately they told me it’s ready but not available for release. I need to come back last week of June or first week of July.

It was 2PM when I finished everything in my list and I am so hungry. My appointment with my OB is 4PM I still have more time to stroll.

  • I crossed the elliptical road and went to Quezon City Memorial Circle Herbal Garden. I visited the All Organics StoreIMAG0774ever since I watched the Bee Propolis Cream in Kapuso mo, Jessica Soho; I’ve been wanting to visit the store. I am so happy that finally I had time. I bought the cream, evening primrose oil, strawberry bearberry scrub, chocomint soap, and oatmeal & glutathione soap. I will try them and see the results before I post it in dishysammy. Batting Eyelashes
  • I went to Trinoma to have lunch. I ate at Tempura Japanese Grill alone. I had Katsudon Bento and California Maki. You know how much I love Japanese I do not mind eating alone. Food post here.
  • After eating…. SHOPPING… I bought maxi dresses and cover ups for my upcoming Boracay vacation in June… I bought new office doll shoes as the building guard forbids me to enter the office.
  • I proceed to The Medical City and wait for my OB and hopefully when I come back two weeks from now she’ll tell me the condition of my system.

I met bf and he bought me a Bora bag, Since I am on a diet we did not ate and went straight home. I cannot imagined that I accomplished everything in one day. My driving class will start on Saturday. I am really excited.

Thank you for reading lovelies for reading,

Sammy Peace Sign


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