Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Life Update: I have a new PC

Hey everyone,

I just moved to a new desktop. The office management, base on my request, I needed a faster PC. Since I am doing layouts on In design CS5 and do some edits in Photoshop, I really need an upgrade. I am now using ACER Aspire i3, 1TB HDD, 4GB RAM, 1GB Vicar; I am satisfied with the performance , so far.

I am also using Windows 7 Home Basic now, I’ve been using XP like forever and since this Windows Live Writer helps me manage all my blogs, I am still familiarizing myself with its new interface. Open-mouthed smile It comes with new emoticons!!!

But unfortunately…..

I accidentally erased all my photos… I forgot that the folder on my previous PC was in private. I thought all my files were copied that is why I emptied the documents and I can surrender it to the next user…. Crying face I tried to restore them yesterday but not all photos id ion good condition…. Sad smile 

Lesson learned: Have the photos saved in a disc, external drive, or have it printed. I can’t believe I have 7,000 + photos…

So much for day job related errands and my other site is still not rooted. Can someone help me do it? Please.

I will be writing post on my latest food dates and I hope you’ll like it.



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