Monday, May 07, 2012

Steal Tuesday

Hi Everyone,

I am thinking of a category each day so that I will have the motivation to write about something. But since it's a personal journal now....

Did you know, monkeys have 12 hairs at any one time

I didn't know about that either. LOL

I spent my Monday evening strolling Robinson's Galleria alone. While on my ride home I am thinking, am I ready? Will I give up my station where I can do all my masterpieces or display all cute stuff I have?

But I know I will never be in here for a long time. 

I still do not want to spill the beans now and I am kinda disappointed that I appeared unprepared with the things I told the person I was talking to last night. 

But hey,

If a 24 gallons gasoline can run up to 144 miles, 14 gallons will run how many miles?

Hubby told me that it's 84 miles and I answered 134 miles. haha not knowing the proportion of the gasoline and the car. 

I am not really good in hard core Mathematics but I am proud to say that I can do Statistics. haha

I am a communication student after all. 

I have 50/50 hopes of the step I took yesterday but as we all know if it is for you, it is for you.



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