Saturday, May 19, 2012

My new nebulizer

He everyone,

How's everyone doing?

I am ill. 
The doctor was out when I came at the Medical City Trinoma so for quick remedy for my asthma I bought my own nebulizer. I was using my niece's compressor but last week her mom took it.

It started when I ate the toblerone overload by Cakes2go then the Chillz from Ministop. Here I am suffering from cough and mild attacks at night. I also have problems with my room because it has no ventilation and the dusts, add the extreme climate change in the Metro and I am so dead.

I am also sad because I still wasn't able to up dishysammy, I need to mail my report and my work station will be replaced by a new unit (files and apps will be reinstalled). 

I am still positive so I am hoping to get well and to keep on blogging.


I am thinking of a look for my best friend she'll be attending a wedding in June. Any ideas not to overpower the bride?



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