Friday, May 04, 2012


Hi Everyone,

How's the rain getting your way so far? I am feeling cold. I have a QTT (quality time together) session later I hope no hassle will arise later.

Have you seen the new look and name of this blog? It will be my daily adventures now. haha


I supervised the layout of our newsletter. I am happy that because of technology I have at least mastered the basic of In Design CS5. For me the UI is easier compared to publisher and other desktop publishing I have tried. The final output is always "the-way-i-like-it". (been doing layouts like forever)

Aside from the newsletter, my post event report, it's ready for printing. Do you think I should start making turn over documents? LOL

I am quite sleepy now because of the rain so why don't you guys read about my dinner last night? Click here.

And let me know what you think okay?



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