Saturday, May 12, 2012

Happy Mother's Day

Hi Everyone,

What you did for your mom today?

Me? I gave her money to buy what she wants. I am not super close with my mom that's why.

Happy Mother"s to all the mothers out there.

As for my update.

I had my hand and feet pampered yesterday at Unan Spa. It's my new sanctuary it's five minutes away from our house and it's open until 11 PM.

I am planing to get a massage later.

I submitted my technical exam already and I am very hopeful that I will pass it. If not maybe it's not for me, but I am not comfortable with that thinking. If I want it I should get it, right? :)

I wrote all the January posts for dishy and I just finished the 31st so I am updating you guys. I will do the February tomorrow in the office while printing my event report cause this lappy is turned on for 72 hours already.

It is now raining and I hope all of you are safe.



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