Thursday, May 31, 2012

My Sexy Solution Starts Now

I received this contest notification weeks ago and I know today is the last day to join. I was contemplating what to write when at this moment I am not in any diet program. Why would I join?

Well, let me tell you my story.

Three years ago I used to weight 50 kgs. I am into dancing and I am very stingy to buy food. I even have all summer to eat just oatmeal. I was still a student. A year before graduation I was invited to theater and I let the dancing go. I received comments that I am gaining weight.

Things got worse when I started working. I just sit the whole day and stare at my computer. I read an article that sitting more eight hours a day can lead to death. Surprised smile I go out from time to time to attend meetings and eat.

Who would resist good food for free? No one.

I started gaining weight.

I enrolled to the gym and involved myself into a low carb diet. I said to myself that I won’t eat what I won’t consume.

Three months and I am looking good. Circuit training every night sounds very inviting. I tried fitness drinks too.

Here comes my nightmare.

My asthma came back. All the while I thought it was gone.

I believe it was my fault because I had no sleep for 24 hours and insisted to go to the gym, to sweat more. I even took a cold bath afterwards.

I was rushed to the hospital two days after.

The sad part was they can’t control my broncho spasms and they had to inject steroids.

Look at me in the hospital.

I am pretty sad that I encountered more asthma moments through out the year and the doctors prescription always includes steroids. I look heavier now which made me very sad. Sad smile Friends and relatives keep on criticizing me and all I have to do is to explain what happened to me.

Why am I so mad with steroids?

It doesn’t cause weight gain, as stated from most articles I read in the internet. BUT it can increase appetite.

I am not sure or maybe in denial that I am eating too much now but I am always hungry. My vision is blurred every minute that I am hungry, I am having cold sweats, and I cannot think properly.

Now my face got bigger and I am now happy about it. I am currently 142 lbs. it is around 64.4 kgs. and I am only 155 cm. my BMI is around 28 already and it’s not healthy.

I was even evaluated to be Pre-hypertensive during my annual physical exam.

I do not want to be constantly ill.

That is why when I read this contest via Nuffnang, I said I will give it a try.

I tried dynamic yoga at home, the 14-day cereal diet, L-Carnitine and green tea capsules but none of them work. I even enrolled to the gym again but it just gave me shortness of breath.

What I want now is to at least scrape all the excess fats, waters, skin in my body. I believe Sexy Solutions will help me in this journey, their in house consultants can advice proper exercise that is suitable for asthma patients like me and they can suggest food that will energize me the whole day. 

One needs to be motivated in order to be back in shape others need money for instant noticeable results but for a typical working girl like me; I guess I might stick to motivation and determination in able for me to get through this.

I am hoping that Sexy Solutions will help me.

Pray for me bellas,




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