Monday, June 04, 2012

My Manic Monday: Are ghosts true?

Photo courtesy of Google Images.

It’s still a good day though despite.

I was asked to write for an inspirational speech which I do not have any idea about, but hey I was still able to do it. I just didn’t like the idea how the task was given to me.

Oh well….


I am writing because I am having hard time sleeping. Do you believe in ghosts? Nine days? Forty days? and other beliefs on death on you relative.

We celebrated the ninth day of my grand mother yesterday and just when we finished praying the rosary and novena the light went off. Just before this event happened, I heard her cleared her throat around 4:30 am and I can’t barely sleep.

This my third encounter on these things.

What do you know about third eyes?

I am hoping to get a good night sleep tonight. As fright is not worth my eye bags. Winking smile

Another news….

After seeing my doctor couple of weeks ago and took the medicine she prescribe…. it’d work… not permanently I still have to come back for series of tests and I a hoping science can do something about my situation and this is not that serious.

I need to be okay about this matter as I want to create a blog in the future about Motherhood.

Did I intrigued you in some way?





My Firmoo Glasses arrived, just in time for my Boracay trip this Saturday. I hope it will not rain that much so I can use this. I will write my review as soon as get back (so that I have good photos too) I am wondering how the customer support knew that I love the color purple. Eye rolling smile VERY SMART!

As for dishysammy,

dishysammy newhooray for my logo. I am still studying how to root the site. Can someone help me? hahaha

I decided to start all over again cause back blogging seems very hard. I would like to thank Windows Live Writer for easier life they gave me in managing my blog. Smile

So much for my Monday.


P.S. I hade my lashes extended for the second time. This time only 8mm the 10mm I had two years ago was way too over the top.

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