Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Yellow Wednesday, driving in EDSA will never be easy….

Today I am wearing a very cute dress with a very cute print.


I got this from Get Laud. My best friend forced me to buy this. LOL I am just kidding. I am not in uniform because I have 6 am driving class (main road driving), which I will discuss in a while and a birthday gathering to attend.

Let’s  go back to the Driving 101.

It’s my 14th hour today and my lesson is about main road driving. We started reviewing the parking - vertical, horizontal, diagonal, and parallel. We also did hanging , stop and go procedure before we tried EDSA. Today’s experience is frightening no matter how defensive driver you are, other vehicles’ movement are not in your hands and I learned that I have to be – alive, alert, awake, and enthusiastic Open-mouthed smile  sounds like a nursery rhyme huh? LOL

I am also having issues using different types of car. I was using a wagon last Sunday and back to sedan today. Each car have different pedals and I can’t foresee how should I step on the clutch, brakes, and gas. They say I will learn someday, I just have to incorporate it in my system like breathing.

Since I am just starting I hope one day I could get use to it. Practice makes perfect right.

But I am sure everyday will be a practice because each day road situation varies. I will not be dealing with same cars and same situation.

I am not losing hope on this. I still have seven more hours to master driving. Smile


I had a good night sleep by the way, maybe I was just paranoid about my grandma’s death and I thought she’s everywhere.

Also I have something in mind now that I want to pursue  but I need a booster, I know I can do that. I hope I can stop procrastinating and do it right away. 

Oh I am running out of words to say so I am just going to back blog on my food trips. Visit my other blog here and show me some love.

I hope everyone is having a good time.




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