Monday, June 18, 2012

Birthday Like a Sir

Taking a break from my Boracay posts I still have one left; I will share my bf’s 24th birthday bash. He turned 24 last June 17 and we celebrated it the evening of 16th until dawn.

Happy Birthday BABE! Party smile


I am sharing this to you because I was the one who prepared the food for the visitors of course with the help of his mom, sister, aunt, and their helper.

This year was different because totally I haven’t planned anything. He just requested me to make lasagna but I ended up cooking almost everything.

Here’s the menu:

  1. Lasagna
  2. Pancit Bihon (Noodles)
  3. Lumpiang Shanghai (Spring Rolls)
  4. Inihaw na Liempo (Grilled Liempo)
  5. Buffalo Wings
  6. Sisig (Sizzling Pork)
  7. Adobong Kambing (A goat dish)
  8. Pork Caldereta
  9. California Maki
  10. Seaweed Pandan Salad

Since I was the one in charge I didn’t have time to document the whole process and results of my “catering” but some friends captured it.

bday photo 1

bday photo 2

I finished cooking everything around 9pm I guess and I was never hungry.

And for the main event and my only surprise for the night (which he already trolled because he entered the kitchen when I was about to brought the cake out). My friend AJ made this ‘Like a Sir"’ cupcakes.


Forgive my handwriting readers and the photo bum at the back Open-mouthed smile I am excited for our baking session but Tools and ingredients are too expensive you know. Embarrassed smile

Oh well let’s go to my sentiments….

I am totally not complaining that I made this for him. Some said that I made myself a maid for that day and I should have cooked the Lasagna at home and arrived at their house astonishing. Although my arms, my legs, and back hurt that night, doing this for him makes me happy. Living one a day at time with this person makes the future nonetheless clearer that even though I don’t have bold plans about us I see myself doing this for the rest of my life. Plus the vision of what I want (I stated in my Facebook status) is to become a good example to my daughter someday – A good wife and a mother.

He is now in Singapore to attend the Broadcast Asia 2012 and will be back on Thursday. In love


It was also Father’s Day that day so belated Happy Father’s Day to all daddy’s in the world.  I will write a post blog regarding Father’s Day.

Until my next time,


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